October 2016

Weekly letters to my constituents

Caroline in Parliament

October 2016

October 28th 2016

This week I have continued with a long run of hosting constituents for Prime Minister’s Questions.  The Chairman of Romsey Extra Parish Council and his wife, Cllr and Mrs Wesson, came up to Westminster on Wednesday. It is always a pleasure to meet with parish councillors because it gives me gives me the opportunity to hear about issues affecting the local community and means I can try to help where possible. I know they very much enjoyed their chance to see Parliament’s most visible question time and we had a very productive meeting afterwards.

Later on Wednesday I joined many other Members of Parliament and Peers for the annual Diwali celebration in Westminster. It is certainly a great experience to be immersed in Hindu  culture for a few hours, where attendees are offered traditional foods and have the opportunity to be part of the important religious rituals.

Last Saturday evening I took a very nostalgic trip to the The Light’s Theatre in Andover, which opened when I was the cabinet member for leisure on Test Valley Borough Council ten years ago. I was extremely proud to see how the theatre has gone on to flourish and is now a major attraction in the area; playing host to musicals, Shakespeare and nationally-known comedians. I must pay tribute to the fantastic team of staff and volunteers who keep the theatre running so well and I hope to see it continue to draw such large audiences in the future.

On Thursday I look forward to visiting a poppy factory in London which helps produce hundreds of thousands of poppies in advance of Remembrance Day in November before returning to Romsey on Friday for a very busy day of constituency surgeries and meetings.

On Sunday Romsey Fire Station is celebrating its fifty-year anniversary and will be holding an open day. I hope to see a great many constituents there celebrating the immensely important and tough job the firefighters do on our behalf.


October 21st 2016

I was fascinated last Friday to see how young people are being taught financial education at Mountbatten School. Old Mutual and MyBnk have been running a programme in the school helping  students understand the benefits of being financially literate and how to manage money. 

Too often young people leave education with no understanding of how to budget for bills and save for the future, so this scheme is something I feel is essential for the next generation. As a Member of Parliament I regularly meet people who have found themselves in serious financial difficulty, so I am pleased to see these issues being recognised, so young people can move into adulthood with a better understanding of money management.

I also had a very informative meeting with representatives from the Environment Agency in which we discussed plans for flood mitigation schemes in Romsey and elsewhere in the constituency. These are continuing to progress and will help protect against further instances of severe flooding like we saw in 2013/14.

It is always  encouraging to see local businesses supporting road safety and it was a pleasure to be at the unveiling of Waltet’s new vehicle side panels in Timsbury. Emblazoned with road safety advice to help prevent cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists from being injured, the joint venture between the local recycling firm and Dawes Highway Safety based in Andover is a great project and I hope Waltet will be the first of many such companies working to protect other road users. 

There are a small number of appointments still available for my next Saturday morning surgery on 5th November. If you would like an appointment on that date or on a Friday in Romsey, please contact my office on 01794 521155.


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