17th November 2017

I have been contacted by a number of constituents in the last few weeks regarding the proposed sale of some social properties by a significant social landlord in the area. The properties, which were transferred by Test Valley Borough Council nearly two decades ago, appear to be mainly in rural villages. I would like to reassure residents that I have requested a meeting with the housing association concerned and will raise this issue with them to ascertain what will be done to ensure no pressure is put on the current housing waiting list. 

Last weekend was filled with poignant reminders of those we have lost in wars in order to preserve our democratic way of life. It is always heartening to see so many local people – of all ages – wearing poppies, donating to the Royal British Legion, and attending memorials across the constituency.

 We are also reminded this week of the importance of the democracy so many made the ultimate sacrifice for. Many constituents will have seen the lively discourse in the House of Commons as we continue to debate amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill and I support the robust debate which is so essential to a healthy modern democracy. 

The Government has a clear vision for Brexit, which, as a Minister, I support and will continue to vote in favour of. Other colleagues have differing views and it is their right to express their opinions – and the opinions of their constituents – during these debates without fear of abuse on social media which has become so prevalent.

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