20th January 2017

It was great to meet the Managing Director of the Bluestar bus service on Friday. I toured one of the new buses which will be serving routes in Romsey and was impressed by the efforts the company has made to ensure the buses are accessible by all, including using brighter floor coverings for people with dementia.
On Saturday I was pleased to open some new village amenities. In Wellow I took part in the unveiling of an innovative new bench created from an old oak tree which I thought was a great way of retaining the heritage of the park. I would like to add my thanks to the family who paid such a substantial sum toward the carving of the bench, and of course to Test Valley Councillors Nick King and Gordon Bailey who also contributed.
As a Scouting Ambassador for Romsey, I was delighted to officially re-open the scout hut in King’s Somborne after some significant enhancements to the building, including new toilets and kitchen. The 11th King’s Somborne Scouts have worked hard to provide a great facility for young people and I hope the numbers of children involved begins to increase after the re-launch.
On Friday I look forward to meeting with representatives of the Alcohol Health Alliance as well as specialist consultants at University Hospital Southampton for the AHA Day of Action. Romsey and Southampton North has a higher than average number of people experiencing hospital admissions due to liver disease and the AHA hope to highlight the correlation between the selling of very cheap alcohol and increasing rates of liver disease. I think more must be done to support those trying to change this worrying trend and I hope to learn more about what can be done on Friday.
I also look forward to meeting with a number of constituents for surgeries on Friday. If you would like an appointment please contact my secretary on 01794 5221155.
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