Friday, 19th February 2016

On Saturday I met with a number of local residents who continue to be frustrated by the slow roll-out of super-fast broadband to villages by BT. This is a significant issue for many in the more ‘rural’ areas of my constituency, however I am always bemused by the fact there are people in the wilds of rural Scotland who have faster broadband speeds than the residents of West Tytherley or Barton Stacey, both a short distance from large cities. Complaints about BT make up a significant proportion of letters in my postbag and I have asked Mr Speaker for time to debate this in Westminster Hall.

Parliamentary recess gives Members of Parliament the opportunity to spend time doing things we don’t generally get the chance to do during the busy Parliamentary schedule. This week it was a real pleasure to visit fashion design students at Bournemouth Arts University who are training under the tutelage of Professor Anne Chaisty, a trailblazer who is teaching young students about diversity on the catwalk, something regular readers will know is a great passion of mine.

Whilst it is essential we keep working, as a society, to campaign for change so catwalks reflect women (and men) of all sizes, it is also crucial that courses like Prof. Chaisty’s move in to the 21st century and teach future designers that we need a real change to help slow the rise in mental health disorders around body image.

On Tuesday I was the guest speaker at the Romsey Cameo Group which regularly meets at the Crosfield Hall. The group has a long history of inviting speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and I was delighted to have been invited to speak and answer questions. It was a large audience with a huge range of interesting and challenging questions.

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