Why I Support the Prime Minster’s Brexit Deal

Over the last few days many of my constituents have been in touch to express their views on the proposed brexit deal.  The majority have made it clear that they want the issue resolved, and many have expressed their personal admiration for the PM’s tenacity and determination.

I am on record as having favoured the remain option during the EU referendum and like many I was disappointed by the outcome at the time, however I am a democrat and that means accepting the will of the people.

Since then it has been crucial for the Prime Minister to both deliver Brexit and lead the work of healing our deeply divided nation. Through ensuring she promoted MPs from both sides of the argument into Government, by listening to a range of views and a having a tenacious approach to negotiating with the EU, I believe Theresa May has delivered a Brexit deal for all of the people of the UK.

This delivers on the outcome of the referendum in 2016. We are leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union, whilst forging the deep and special partnership with the EU the 2017 Election Manifesto on which I stood promised. We are taking back control of our borders, our laws and our money, we will become an independent coastal state, whilst protecting the position of Northern Ireland and the Union.

Of course, taking difficult decisions in Government means it is never possible to please all of the people, all of the time, however I have always been a pragmatist, and recognise that in any negotiation compromise is essential.

This deal gives us the chance to build a new future outside the European Union, without the desperate uncertainty a “no deal” outcome would give us. There have been a range of financial forecasts indicating a no deal scenario would have a significantly detrimental effect to our economy.

The decisions taken in Parliament over the coming months have the potential to shape the lives of a generation. At a time when the economy is increasingly buoyant and employment is at a 40 year high I simply cannot vote for anything which I believe would make my constituents worse off.

This decision goes beyond party politics and thoughts of future elections; I will be voting in favour of this deal because I believe it is the right thing to do for my constituents.

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